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Our First Letter Drive

The first letter drive we hosted was an intimidating, yet successful project. Our school, Carondelet High School has a brother school, De La Salle High School right across the street. We decided to work with these two schools for the first drive to see how teachers and students would react, and to see if people would actually participate.

We did not exactly know what levels of Spanish classes should be involved, but after consulting with our teachers, we decided that levels 2 and above would write cohesive, thoughtful and great letters. Thankfully, our school and our brother school were very supportive and receptive to our project, so out of the 7 Spanish teachers between the two schools, 6 of them participated in writing letters with their class.

After a month of communicating with teachers, collecting letters and proofreading them, we counted a total of 416 letters! This incredible success brought us confidence and courage to continue our mission.

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