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Founders of Cartas Con Amor

Jackie Brown and Natalie Ionescu created Cartas Con Amor in January 2019. In March 2019, Cartas Con Amor was established as a nonprofit in the state of California.




Jackie Brown was inspired to start this organization after she traveled to Mexico for a mission trip to build houses. During her one week stay in Tijuana, she experienced so much love and kindness. "On one of our final days, twenty neighbor children helped us construct one of the houses. I was very touched by the tight knit community and selflessness of the children." Jackie explains that people usually immigrate to find a better life and that she is saddened by the mistreatment and stigma behind Latin American immigrants. "I want to return the love and kindness that I received on my trip as well as comfort to those who are trying to immigrate to the United States." She hopes that the letters will show new immigrants that they are welcomed and appreciated.

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Natalie Ionescu wanted to start this organization because of her family. She is a first generation American, coming from immigrant parents. Although she is not Hispanic, her heart goes out to all of the Latin American immigrants trying to start a new life in the United States. "Every person, no matter where he/she is from, deserves a second chance to living a positive life: one of the main reasons for immigration." Natalie hopes that the letters from Cartas Con Amor will establish a sense of encouragement and strength that these immigrants are not alone in this process. "My goal is to show Latin American immigrants that we welcome them with open arms and that we hope for their best."

About Us: Meet the Team
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